Careful with your words

In the beginning there was the word. Though speech, we access the word; To the tool of creation itself. Words are things. The word is the thing… Living, functioning, intent. Intending, using your will to create. Careful, with your words. To others, to yourself. When you form them, watch them They get into you, into your things Into the world… Read more →


Maddie says: Take your husband back?

I took a siesta today. I do it, sometimes… to disconnect my eyes and and my brain the computer monitor flicker wears me down my eyes blink at the same frequency I grow tired… So every so often, I’ll take a nap. As I was drifting in and out, peering at the sun, light dappled through the leaves of the… Read more →


The Scent of Mutugi

Bananas and vanilla It is a strange mix of scents. Strange, to me at least. I never imagined it possible that a person’s scent could remind me of two things at once. Bananas and vanilla. His scent permeates everything. Everything around me, common to us, that which belongs to me, in everything. In my clothes, my bedding, in my hair,… Read more →

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