Maddie says: Take your husband back?

I took a siesta today. I do it, sometimes… to disconnect my eyes and and my brain the computer monitor flicker wears me down my eyes blink at the same frequency I grow tired… So every so often, I’ll take a nap. As I was drifting in and out, peering at the sun, light dappled through the leaves of the… Read more →


The Scent of Mutugi

Bananas and vanilla It is a strange mix of scents. Strange, to me at least. I never imagined it possible that a person’s scent could remind me of two things at once. Bananas and vanilla. His scent permeates everything. Everything around me, common to us, that which belongs to me, in everything. In my clothes, my bedding, in my hair,… Read more →

A good French kiss is as intimate as sex.

The eyes-closed, you-tilt-head-this-way-I’ll-tilt-mine-this-way, bodies-pressed-together, jaws-stretching, tongue-darting, hands-roving, butt-clenched back-and-forth is one of life’s sweetest, simplest, most honest pleasures.

There’s magic in a good kiss.

There’s an articulation and intuition-by-feel in a passionate kiss that no amount of talking or sex can replicate.

– Tom, 31, Comedian

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#DFH – Dreaming Together

Dear (Potential) Future Husband: If I tell you my dreams Rest assured I’m not looking for help I am looking for your collaboration Ideas and strategy… I am wanting to include my love partner in my life goals. I am including my partner in co-creating what I want for myself and for us I’m acknowledging that you cannot tell your… Read more →

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